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Call For Courage - Bronze - Walnut Base

“A Call For Courage” recreates the excitement and thrill of a fire call in the late 1800’s. Cast in bronze, this sensational piece is correct in every aspect from the brick road to the coal shovel in the rear of the sculpture.

“A Call For Courage” is a highly detailed bronze casted sculpture.  Upon close inspection, you can see every bolt and rivet in the detailed rig.  The furnace already has a closed and latched door.  The gauges are all numbered.  The in-take pressure gauge goes to negative pressure for draft situations.  There is a pressure gauge for the hose line nozzle pressure, and there is also a steam pressure gauge.  Large nozzles and caps for the ports are on the engine.

In the 1800’s, instead of sirens, they used a bell and steam whistle which are located in the back of the pumper.  Also located on the pumper is an oil can and a grease can which were needed for pumping and lubricating the engine.

There is a lantern which was used for night fires so they could see the gauges to operate the pump.  Sitting on the engine is a Dalmatian dog which was used around the fire stations and at fire scenes because they kept the horses relaxed.

The driver of the Steam Pumper is wearing ¾ firemen’s boots, double-breasted shirt with Fire Department emblem, fireman’s hat with a Maltese cross, red suspenders and his city logo patch on shoulder.

The fireman on the back is wearing a leather 1880’s New Yorker helmet (new Yorker is a brand name still available today) he’s wearing a fire shirt, scarf and black bunker coat.  The scarf was soaked in water and used as a  filter over the mouth and nose when going into a smoke filled fire area.

Size: 9¾”h x 21½”w

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