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old-golf-pictures-007Changing the Guard - Bronze - Walnut Base

The Changing of the Guard
Tom Morris-Legacy and Ledgend

In the last century, the two Tom Morrises, father and son, constituted a golfing dynasty that has never been known before or since.  Between them they won a total of eight British Opens-four each.  Old Tom won his first in 1861 and his last in 1867, at age 47, the oldest winner of the Open ever.  It only seemed appropriate then that in the following year at age 17, young Tom became the youngest winner of the Open ever.  This bronze sculpture shows Young Tom Morris addressing the ball under the approving supervision of his father, Old Tom.

This superbly detailed sculpture is mounted on a base of hand-finished solid walnut with a brass title plate and is limited to 87 numbered pieces, honoring Old Tom’s age at the time of his death.

Size: 11"H x 8"W x 10"L

Limited Edition: 87