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Final Drive - Miniature - Mixed Metal - Golfball Trophy

“The Final Drive” portrays a golf scene from the early l900’s.  The sculpture is historically correct in every detail.  Both the golfer and caddie are wearing plus fours which are authentic to that period.

At the turn of the century there was a sand box at each hole (tees were not invented yet).  The golfer would use the sand to make a tee.  The outside of the box displayed the hole number (the 18th hole for the Final Drive) and how many yards the hole was.  Also, the golf course crest would appear on the box.

The iron clubs used for “The Final Drive” are dot punched.  The woods have a weight used on the back, a metal guard plate used on the bottom of the club and notice the whipping just above that on the shaft.  The gold clubs used in “The Final Drive” sculpture are hand crafted by a jeweler to ensure the finest detail.

The caddie has a pencil behind his ear and a score card in his back pocket.

The Hole In One Trophy is Michael’s Final Drive atop an award base that features a pewter golf ball holder just right to display a winning Hole in One! This work brings to life the challenge and satisfaction of the eighteenth hole. Set in the early 1900s, the Final Drive is historically accurate in every way from the plus fours to each dot punched golf club.

The Final Drive is an evocative image just right to celebrate the victory of your very own Hole in One.

Size: 6”w x 4”d

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