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Jesse James

In 1866 a string of robberies and hold-ups rocked the west! Jesse James, folk hero and one of the most notorious criminals on the frontier, led his motley gang of thieves on a half million dollar siege hitting 12 banks, 7 trains and 5 stages over a fifteen year period.  Jesse James, making another grand getaway is captured in exquisite detail (gun, saddle bags and a large sack of money in his hands). Born in 1847 in Clay County Missouri, Jesse started the James Gang at age 19 and managed to elude the law for many years.  Ironically, he was shot and killed on April 3, 1882 by Bob Ford a member of his own gang.

Size: 6”h x 7”w x 5½”d

View the individual sculptures of Wild Bill, Jesse James, Wyatt Earp, and Doc.

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