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imageOld Tom Morris, Keeper of the Greens

 Mixed Metal - Hardwood Base

Old Tom Morris (1821 - 1908) - Four Time Open Champion (1861-1867) Greens keeper, Course Designer, Ball Maker and Club Maker -

"Old Tom still holds two British Open Records, the oldest winner at age 46 in 1867 and the biggest margin of victory 13 strokes in 1862.  In his 20's, "Old" Tom was apprenticed to Allan Robertson at St. Andrews as a ball maker, and soon started to partner him on the golf course.  He left St. Andrews to become greens keeper at Prestwick in 1851, and was in instrumental in arranging the first Open Championship which was played at Prestwick in 1860.

"Old" Tom Morris returned to St. Andrews in 1865 as greens keeper and then professional to the Royal and Ancient golf club, a post he held until his death in 1908.  His bust looks down on the first tee from the front of the royal and ancient clubhouse to this day.

As a player he was described as having a long slow swing, which enabled him to use very whippy shafts in his clubs.  He was a long and straight hitter, a splendid approacher, and admirable putter, except that he had a weakness for missing short putts.

He was prepared to accept challenges from unknown new players, as he showed in his willingness to play the brash upstart, Willie Parks in 1854.  When he died in 1908, at the age of 87, he was saluted as "a man of unspoiled simplicity and genuineness of character" and was rightly esteemed as the Grand Old Man of Golf.

Size: 10¾"h x 11¼"w x 7¼"d

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