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Street of Dreams - Bronze

The wait.
Always, there was the wait.
Then numbers come across the tape; you’ve made the mark, its time to sell!
The scene could be any office on Wall Street in the 1920’s.
It could happen then…. ANYTHING could happen… on the “STREET OF DREAMS…”

Michael Roche, Sculptor is proud to announce the first in a series of works commemorating the history of Wall Street.  The first piece…”STREET OF DREAMS”… is now ready for your inspection.

“STREET OF DREAMS” captures Wall Street of the twenties.  Historically accurate, and finely detailed, “STREET OF DREAMS” brings to life the financial rollercoaster that was the stock market.  A time when fortunes could be made overnight and when the spirit of America was as easy to define as a Wall Street broker, sharp…aggressive…ready to take the risk and reap the rewards.

“STREET OF DREAMS” brings that spirit back.
Looking closely, you can almost feel the thrill of the venture; the anxious feeling in the pit of you stomach as you wait for the tale of the tape, the fevered sweat on your partners brow as the possibilities race through his mind; and the ultimate exhilaration of beating the odds to win!  This is a portrait of the era that embodied all the power and hope and courage that made Wall Street the “STREET OF DREAMS”.

Each detail has been researched, and painstakingly crafted for accuracy and beauty.  From the period clothing to the classic ticker tape machine with its hand-cut glass dome, “STREET OF DREAMS” is as much a  piece of history, as it is a work of art.

Reserve your numbered collectors piece today, as a reminder of Wall Street the way it was… and the way it always will be:
A street of hope.
A street of glory.

Click Here to view the Street of Dreams sculpture without the glass cover.


Size: 14"h including dome.

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