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Wyatt Earp

In possibly the most accurate representation of the famous lawman’s image, Michael Roche has skillfully sculpted the likeness of Wyatt Earp.  Paying close attention to intricate detail, Earp is brought back to life the day of the infamous shout-out of October 26, 1881.  Together with his brothers Virgil and Morgan, Wyatt and his friend Doc Holliday marched through the streets of Tombstone headed toward confrontation with the Clanton’s and the McLaury’s.  Guns blazed and men died.  As the dust settled and the smoke cleared, victory belonged to Wyatt Earp.

Size: 10½”h x 6¾”w x 5¾”d

View the individual sculptures of Wild Bill, Jesse James, Wyatt Earp, and Doc.

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