The Roche Sculpture Gallery presents quality, handmade art sculptures. Casted in bronze, these unique statues will add character and prestige to anyone’s desk or mantle. And beyond the rusty gold finish, the detailed craftsmanship brings the bronzed scenes to life.

The career of a brave fire fighter can truly be celebrated with "Call to Courage," which recreates a fire department’s call to action in the 1880’s. With an attention to history as prevalent as the artisanal attention to metal working, this sculpture will make a sensational award or gift for a fireman.

The Roche Sculpture Gallery, featuring the Naismith Award, exhibits superior bronze sculptures that are crafted with quality metal, wood, marble, and nameplates. Personalized Roche sculptures are more than just desk props. Rather, they are pieces of art that will make any award or gift into a lifelong keepsake. A son’s simple gift to his golfing father can become a family heirloom with “Passing on the Tradition,” a distinctive golf statue which displays a golfer teaching a young child the slopes of the course.

Take a look at the victory in our golf awards, the courage in our fire department gifts, and the bronze in all our statues, in the Roche Sculpture Gallery.

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