Voted Golf Artist of the year in 2001 and 2002 by Golf Digest, Roche believes putting your heart and soul into a project makes it come alive. But for Roche, creating a successful series also involves intense research on all aspects of a piece. He studies thoroughly his subjects' lives and surroundings and has a unique sensitivity for detail and motif.


The USA Hockey Award was first given out at the 2002 Winter Olympics to all competing hockey teams. It is now used by USA Hockey for outstanding achievement awards. 2005 recipients include the 1980 "Olympic Champion" USA Hockey Team.

College Hockey Awards


The "Laura Hurd Award" Woman's College Division Player of the Year Size 11"w x 9"d x 14"h CLICK HERE


Winners                     School

2000  Sylvia Ryan                Middlebury College

2001  Michelle Labbe          Middlebury College

2002   Sarah Moe                Gustavus Adolphus College

2003   Angela Kapus           Middlebury College

2004   Molly Wasserman     Williams College

2005   Laura Hurd                 Elmira College

2006   Emily Quizon              Middlebury College

2007   Andrea Peterson       Gustavus Adolphus College

2008   Danielle Blanchard    SUNY Plattsburgh

2009   Kayla Coady               Elmira College

2010   Isabel Iwachiw            Trinity  College

2011   Sarah Dagg                Rochester Institute of Tectnology

2012   Julie Fortier                Norwich University

2013   Teal Gove                   SUNY  Plattsburgh

2014   Sydney Aveson         SUNY  Plattsburgh

2015   Ashley  Ryan              Elmira College

2016  Michelle Greeneway   Lake Forest College


Sid Watson Award, Men's College Division Player of the Year

1993   Frank Cirone        Wisconsin-Stevens Point      Forward

1994   Ray Alcindor         Middlebury                              Forward

1995   Charlie Gaffney     Bowdoin                                 Forward

1996   Ian Smith                Middlebury                             Defense

1997   Steve Toll                RIT                                          Forward

1998   Mark Spence         Middlebury                             Forward

1999   Rob Smillie            St. Norbert                             Forward

2000   Steve Aronson       St. Thomas                            Forward

2001   Keith Aucoin           Norwich                                 Forward

2002   Jerry Galway           RIT                                         Defense

2003    Maris Ziedins         St. Norbert                            Forward

2004    Kevin Cooper        Middleburry                           Forward

2005    Kurtis McLean       Norwich                                 Forward

2006    Adam Hanna          St. Johns                               Goalie

2007    Andrew Gallant       Manhattanville                      Goalie

2008    Kyle Jones              St.  Norbert                            Goalie

2009    Jeff Landers            Amherst                                 Defense

2010    David Martinson     Gustuvus Adolphus               Forward

2011    Chris Berenguer      Hamline                                 Defense

2012    Jonathan LaRose   Amherst                                  Goalie

2013    Paul Rodrigues       Oswego                                  Forward

2014    David Jacobson      St. Norbert                             Forward

2015    Drew  Fielding         St. Thomas                            Goalie

2016    Jamie Murray          Babson College                      Goalie