Old Tom Morris Award
Size 10¾"h x 11¼"w x 7¼"d Mixed Metal Pewter
Hardwood Base


Old Tom Morris Award
Size: 5¼"h x 5"w x 3"d
Miniature Pewter
Hardwood Base


Old Tom Morris Award
Size 6¼"h x 7¼"w x 5¼"d
Miniature Mixed Metal
Marble / Walnut-Finished
Hardwood Base


Old Tom Morris Award
Size 10½"h x 10"w x 7"d
Plain Pewter / Marble Base

     Fine Pewter


Our gallery-quality fine pewter/mixed metal is the perfect blend of art and craftsmanship. The entire process from artist original to finished piece may take from six to nine months to complete. The result is an heirloom-quality work of art. Each piece is hand-crafted to perfection from the original clay model to the master molds, the pouring of the molten metal to the hand-cleaning, and detail soldering. But it is our special attention to the patina, stains, and brilliant touches of gold, silver, copper & bronze accents that elevate a Roche Sculpture to its prestigious level. These fine art sculptures are now available to discerning individuals everywhere.

* Each base is manufactured from high-quality hardwood given a distinctive edge profile and molded custom nameplates. Sometimes
an added dark green marble will be used to enhance the overall look.
* A pewter disk, inscribed with the title, the Roche series and
handcrafted in the USA, is inserted in the under the base.
* After passing a final inspection, my seal of approval, a gold plated
“R” touch mark is inserted into the pewter base. All Roche sculptures will bear this distinctive mark of quality.

Casted Bronze

       The museum-quality bronzes are completely handcrafted with each piece taking six to eight weeks to complete. After casting, each bronze is sandblasted, soldered, and filed to remove all imperfections. Color is then applied with the aid of a torch and various acids. Each figure is mounted to a custom-made base, the most popular base being marble, cherry wood or walnut has a nameplate affixed, and undergoes a final inspection for quality. All bronze pieces can be customized to highlight their already fine appearance.

Three things to look for on our Fine Pewter Gifts & Awards

1. Passing the inspection stage a gold "R" seal of approval is placed into base.


2. Distinctive edge cut on wood bases with custom molded pewter name plates.


3. Pewter Title Disk under each Pewer Sculpture.